Personal Finance Infographics


Series of infographic posters created in collaboration with Angelikah Gustilo and Abygail de Jesus for our Visual Communication class.


To copywrite, design, and layout a set of infographics on a certain topic. Each of us took on a subtopic under the main topic of personal finance. We wanted to create a feeling of a journey through the three most common concepts beginners need to understand about the finances—savings, loans or credit, and investments.

I was assigned to design the infographic covering loans and credit. I used warm colors to communicate the risk involved in this financial transaction, as well as to contrast with the other infographics in the set which used blue green for savings to denote the feeling of security and lime green for investments to denote new financial opportunities opened should one start to learn investing.


3 days, March 2020


research, copywriting, illustrations, and layout

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