Sanggunian Student Perception Survey


Designing a campaign style guide for a survey that aims to find out how to provide more responsive and inclusive services for sectors in a university student body. Developed extensively with a team including Dwayne Cabel, AJ Reyes, Sean Valencia, Rachel Peralta, Gwen Morelos, Dan Villa, and Kaiser Mariano.


To create a campaign that can create a lasting impression and encourage students to answer a survey that will be rolled out in phases. The goal is to ensure that the audience understands that the series of surveys to be released are connected to each other.


July to September 2020


Campaign Management, Logo Design, Layout Design, Illustrations (with AJ Reyes)

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The Sanggunian wanted to take an approach supported by self-awareness and willingness to learn from the very people it seeks to serve. Therefore, the survey campaign takes on the language that recognizes its shortcomings while still being committed to competency and accountability to fulfill its roles responsibly.

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